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For anyone looking to be seen, heard and respected...
this is for you !!!

Hi everyone, I'm Katie.

As humans, we have a desire for connection, to be cared for, loved and supported. We may find that connection in different ways, some of us prefer big loud/chaotic places and crowds, whereas others tend to stick to themselves or prefer one-on-one interactions, small groups and quiet spaces. Others find we connect more deeply to animals or nature. It doesn't matter who or what we connect with most meaningfully, the point is most of us have a desire for some sort of connection.

Listening to others stories has been an interest of mine ever since I was a young girl. In fact, I was 14 when I knew I wanted to become a counselor. It is truly exhilarating seeing people work towards their goals, find their passion, gain clarity and grow. I find meaning and purpose in helping others become the best versions of themselves. It is truly an honor to walk along side someone on their path to wellness.

My professional career journey began in Ohio, in 2009. Through practical experience and passing exams I became a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC, back it's just LPC) as well as a Licensed Independently Chemical Dependency Counselor (LICDC). I worked at a community mental health agency, it was an experience I will never forget and one that greatly shaped the therapist that I am today. At that agency I wore many hats and was able to develop my therapeutic skills with the help of some incredible supervisors and colleagues. Some of my tasks there included:


Diagnosis and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders

Conducted both mental health and Alcohol and Drug Assessments (AOD)

Collaborated with Children and Family Services (CFS), first responders, law enforcement, court officials

Co-facilitated PRIME for Life, a jail alternative program for adolescents

Co-facilitated Thinking for a Change, an intensive out patient program for parolees 

Performed crisis assessments in the Emergency Room

Managed a medically assisted treamtnent program (MAP)

Facilitated a suicide prevention program at our local middle/high schools

Provided in-home care for children and families with special needs

Guest taught periodically at The Ohio State Univeristy- Marion

Spoke publicly about mental health and impact on my life

I have dreamt of opening up my own shop for years. After completing the necessary licensure requirements in the State of Florida I was extraordinarily excited to open my first private practice in beautiful Ave Maria, Florida. After serving that community, my journey took an unexpected turn. Presently, I have an office conveniently located in North Naples. I look forward to serving the needs of that community and those nearby (Ave Maria, Bonita Springs, Estero, Cape Coral, Everglades City, Fort Myers, Immokalee, etc.) I also provide telehealth/virtual appointments to those residing in all of Florida, looking to soon be able to see clients in Ohio and Michigan as well.

Hopefully our paths will cross soon and we can connect and learn from each other. Maybe I can assist you in seeing things from a new perspective, help you instill positive beliefs about yourself, encourage you to expand your horizons and engage in behaviors which will better your life and the lives of those around you. I'll do my best to impart knowledge and support you along your journey, even when it may be rocky. I will be there to guide you and help you gain your footing so that the end result is you reaching the apex, having achieved your goals and now possessing the skills to navigate the road ahead successfully, with total health of mind, body, and soul.

Live holistically and well,




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